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How to Organise a Messy Shed

If your shed has become some sort of dumping ground recently, it may be time to give it some much needed TLC. A well-organised shed helps you to locate your garden tools easily and conveniently, as well as store them safely. Garden equipment can be expensive; in order to prolong the life of your tools and to prevent any accidental injuries, it is important that you keep your shed tidy and organised. After a day of gardening, it can be easy to just throw your equipment in your shed and close the door – however, with our top tips below, you can keep it organised and tidy all year round.

Invest in shelving

Without the correct storage facilities in your shed, the space can become cluttered easily and quickly. Investing in some smart shelving is a good place to start. Whether you opt for freestanding shelves or ones fixed to the beams, any type of shelving will greatly increase your storage space. Organise each shelf appropriately; light, everyday items should be placed within easy reach and heavier, bulky items should be placed at floor level to avoid any accidents.

Make use of wall space

If you are struggling for space in your shed, consider making use of the available wall space. You can install a pegboard with hooks of different sizes and shapes to hold different garden tools or, alternatively, simply screw hanging hooks into the thicker panels of a wooden shed. This is a great way to utilise the available space and ensure that every tool has a place.

Hang your hose

Sometimes, no matter how well you coil a hose, it always finds a way to untangle itself and trip you up when you enter your shed. You can eliminate this problem by making or buying a hose hanger. Even an old car wheel can work just fine! Keeping your hose coiled up in one place also protects your hose and accessories from any damage and ensures your garden remains tidy.

Use a shovel rack

Are you sick of tripping over brooms, forks, spades and hoes that have fallen over in your shed? Instead of leaning long-handled tools up against your shed walls or simply storing them on the floor, keep them organised with a shovel rack. Not only will this free up valuable space, but it will also make it far easier for you to see exactly what’s what. Alternatively, if you are short on space, consider hanging long tools on the back of the door.

Organise bits and bobs

Once all of your large tools have a place in your shed, it’s time to focus on those little odds and ends that seem to end up all over the place. Small items, such as screws and bolts, need a place too. Storage bins, tool boxes, or even just a couple of baskets, are perfect for this. Keep a few baskets full of those small odds and ends on your shelves to keep them safe and tidy.

At Kirton Sectional Buildings, we offer a range of different garden sheds to suit every garden and gardener. From high-quality timber apex sheds to larger workshop styles, we have the shed that you need to keep all of your tools and gardening equipment organised and safe. To view our range, visit our website.

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Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Summerhouse

With summer on the horizon, there is no better time to start organising your garden for the warmer months than now. When it’s sunny, everyone loves spending time in their garden, whether it’s relaxing with a book in the shade, enjoying some spritzers in the sun or getting stuck into some gardening. On particularly sunny days, a summerhouse is the perfect place to escape from the midday heat.

If you have a summerhouse or are considering getting one, you may be wondering what to use it for or how to make the most out of it. Summerhouses are versatile spaces that can be used for a number of different things, from a simple relaxation area to a fun creative studio for crafting and painting. Read on for some inspiration!

Relaxation zone

We all need somewhere to escape from the chaos of everyday life sometimes, and what better place than in your very own garden? Perhaps you would like a relaxing space to read, or simply somewhere to wind down after a long day at work or a hard day of gardening. Invest in some comfortable seating, hang some art up on the walls, add a coffee table, throw in some pillows, throws and lamps for when the evening starts to settle in and – voila – you have somewhere to escape.

Creative studio

For those of us who love to get creative, whether that be through drawing and painting or getting handy with textiles, finding the space to creatively express yourself in your home can be difficult. Why not transform your summerhouse into a creative studio? Moving your creative tools into your back garden frees up space in your home and gives you somewhere private to get creative without worrying about the mess you make.


Encouraging your children to play outdoors is essential, especially when the sun is shining. Why not use your summerhouse to create a special garden space for your children? Not only is a summerhouse the perfect place to store your children’s toys, but it can also help to keep your house tidy and keep noise and playtime separate from your home. Invest in some fun-coloured storage boxes to keep your summerhouse organised and allow your children some quality outdoor play time.

Outdoor dining

When the weather is good, there is nothing nicer than enjoying some delicious food with friends and family outside. Add a dining table and some seating to your summerhouse to create a tranquil outdoor dining area where you can host guests. To really make the most of outdoor dining, add electrics for a drinks fridge, twinkly fairy lights and some music.

If you are looking for the perfect summerhouse for your home, look no further than Kirton Sectional Buildings. We offer a range of different summerhouses suitable for every space and requirement, whether you want to set up a creative studio or simply add an extra space to relax to your home. To view our summerhouses, visit our website.

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